Southern Spreading Yew

(Cephalataxus harringtonia 'Prostrata')

Grown for its gracefully spreading, evergreen foliage AND its ability to thrive in shade, even HEAVY SHADE.

Plant alone as a specimen or space about 3' apart when planting in groups of three or more as a shady groundcover.
See the grouping of ten or more Southern spreading yew we've planted under the 'Heritage' River Birch in the display garden.

NOTE:  All cephalataxus is DEER-RESISTANT!

Plants mature at 18-24" tall by 3-4' wide. 
Expect only 4-6" of growth a year.

Plant in a spot which receives a bit of shade from the hottest part of the afternoon summer sun or even in very heavy shade.
Plants are drought-tolerant after their first year in the garden.