'Royal Frost' Purple Birch

(Betula populifolia x Whitespire 'Royal Frost')

Grown for its beautiful "exfoliating" (peeling) CINNAMON to WHITE BARK and its gorgeous DEEP-BURGUNDY leaves!

Our area is the furthest South in which 'Royal Frost' may be planted successfully. 
Leaves turn a spectacular range of colors - RED, ORANGE, YELLOW & PURPLE - before dropping for winter.  Leaves reappear in early spring.

'Royal Frost' is said to be a vast breeding improvement over an earlier introduction, 'Crimson Frost'.

'Royal Frost' grows quickly to mature at about 30' by 15-20' wide.   Expect 2-3' of growth a year.

In our area, plant in a spot which receives a bit of shade from the hottest part of the afternoon summer sun.  In Asheville, NC and further North, you may plant in all-day sun.

All birch have vigorous root systems.  Plant 100' away from septic systems.  Plant anywhere if you have sewer service.